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Roto window and door hardware Replacement parts


Over the years we've been making hundreds of different component parts for windows and doors around the world.
For whatever reason, you need a replacement part. We want to be able to advise you with accurate information first time.
Sometimes we can identify parts very quickly. At other times, it can take a little bit longer. But it always helps speed up
the process if we have as much information as possible from the start.
Photos are also essential in helping us to see what you've got and how we can help.
So, to make it easier for you to provide the right information, please read through the questions in the document and answer as appropriate.

Questionaire replacement parts



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Carrier / Fork 26 mm

Fork for Roto Aluminium handle, please check that...

5.00£ *


Connector set for handle with mishandling device Alu 250...

8.00£ *

Replacement Key, with Logo. 1G1 Big

Length = 44 mm, does not fit Roto Swing TF and Roto Swing...

5.28£ *

Replacement Key, with Logo. 1G1 small

Length = 37 mm, fits all Roto Swing, Roto Samba and Roto...

5.28£ *

Connector set for RotoLine geared handles

For T540 - 10 (10 mm connectors) Contains the following:...

1.88£ *

Connector set with mishandling-device 26

For T540 - 6 (6 mm connectors) For 26mm Fork

8.00£ *


Please note that article on the right picture - 212002 -...

7.02£ *

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